Bioinformatics platform for processing and analyzing human genetic sequencing data.

A bioinformatics platform that fully processes raw data generated by Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) platforms and enables analysis of whole genomes, exomes, germline and somatic panels, as well as CNVs.
We have been operating since 2015.
We are part of the best hospital in Latin America, Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein.
Over 11,000 genetic samples processed per year.
We typically respond to support requests within 8 seconds on average.

Use less spreadsheets and perform less manual processes.

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Meet our complete set of solutions:

Varstation Workflow

How does it work?

1. Pipeline selection and configuration
In order to select and configure a pipeline, all you need to know is the information regarding the platform where the sample file was generated, the library preparation technique, and the type of analysis to be performed.
2. Sample upload and processing
Upload NGS data files with various extensions. Our platform supports FASTQ, BAM and VCF file formats.
3. Relevant variant curation
It is possible to review the findings according to quality recommendations from accrediting agencies, and after this step, generate a report with the final result of the analysis.
4. Revisão e relatório final
É possível realizar a revisão dos achados conforme as recomendações de qualidade das agências acreditadoras e, após essa etapa, gerar um relatório com resultado final da análise.
1. Configuração e escolha do pipeline
Sabendo de qual plataforma o arquivo da amostra foi gerado, qual a técnica de preparo da biblioteca e o tipo de análise a ser realizada, você poderá configurar e utilizar um pipeline.
2. Upload e processamento
da amostra
Realize o upload de arquivos de dados de NGS em diversas extensões. Suportamos os principais formatos, sejam FASTQ, BAM, ou VCFs.
3. Curadoria de variantes relevantes
As variantes são pré-classificadas automaticamente por algoritmo próprio, e o sistema de filtros delimita as variantes que podem ter relação com as suspeitas clínicas.
4. Revisão e relatório final
É possível realizar a revisão dos achados conforme as recomendações de qualidade das agências acreditadoras e, após essa etapa, gerar um relatório com resultado final da análise.

With Varstation, you can automate the processing of data generated by:

Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS)

With WGS, it is possible to obtain information about a person’s entire genetic material. It is mainly performed for clinical research, especially those seeking to study genetic variants present in non-coding regions, rare disease studies, and investigations of variants involved with still poorly understood diseases.

Whole Exome Sequencing (WES)

Through this type of sequencing, it is possible to obtain information about all the coding regions of an individual’s genetic material. Although it doesn’t analyze the genome in its full extension, WES a comprehensive test, widely used by doctors, especially when there is more than one clinical suspicion or when there is no established diagnostic hypothesis.

Genetic Panel Sequencing

In a genetic panel, the sequenced regions are specific to certain conditions. This means that only genes relevant to the clinical context in question are analyzed. By sequencing target regions, healthcare professionals can specifically analyze the presence of pathogenic variants in a collection of genes.

See what Dr. Sidney Klajner, President of the Albert Einstein Israelite Hospital, says about Varstation.

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Publications using our platform.

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Who we are:

Varsomics is part of Einstein Clinical Laboratory. We are bioinformatics experts providing services for clinical diagnosis and academic research. Our main solutions are Varstation, a platform for processing human NGS data, and Varsmetagen, a platform for identifying microorganisms from NGS data.

Our mission:

To enable and promote access to and use of new genetic technologies in order to improve medical treatments and population health.