Customized analysis from genetic data

Process and analyze human genetic data generated from Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS).

New dashboard
New ACMG Classification Algorithm
New population databases
New ClinGen Classification Algorithm
New analysis rectification flow
New filter system for variants, genes and phenotypes
New in silico meta-predictor (BayesDel)

Ask your demonstration
for Varstation 3.0®

Ask your demonstration
for Varstation 3.0®

How does it work?

Set your pipeline

Inform your sequencing platform, library preparation technique and analysis type to configure your personalized pipelines.

Sample upload

Upload from a local drive or directly from Illumina’s Basespace. We support .FASTQ; .BAM and .VCFs

Curation of clinically relevant variants

Genetic variants are automatically pre-classified by a proper algorithm, and the filter system delimits variants that may be related to clinical suspicions.

Review and final report

Review the findings according to the quality recommendations of the accreditation agencies and generate an analysis report with the final result.

Advantages of using Varstation®

Analysis time optimization

Significantly reduce and optimize the time for processing, sorting variants and generating reports from NGS human data.

End-to-end automated processing

Quality parameter evaluation, mapping, multi-variant callers, database annotation, and automatic pre-sorting following ACMG, AMP, PALC, and CAP guidelines.

Clinical interpretation support

Varstation grants you easy access to more than 200 genetic variant databases. Those include data for germline and somatic analysis.

Data filtering

Data filtering mechanism that incorporates all annotated mutation data - including human phenotypes, patient clinical history and associated diseases (OMIM/UniProt).

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Affordable prices per processing

Flexibility to enable fast changes in your analytical processes and a powerful pay-per-use cloud solution.

Sucess Case

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Varsomics, in partnership with Albert Einstein Israelite Hospital, developed the world’s first test for the diagnosis of the new coronavirus based on Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS).

The test, which was known as VarsVid, identifies the presence of the virus, functioning as a diagnostic tool to be used from the first day of infection, in the same way as RT-PCR, which makes it an alternative for adopting a diagnostic test.

Processing takes up to 72 hours, and has 95% sensitivity and 99% specificity, or positive, there are no cases of false.